Meet Charanjeet Singh Birdi, the tech maestro behind Sparrow Technologies. With a decade of experience as a computer engineer, Charanjeet has been the cornerstone of digital solutions in his community. His shop, Sparrow Technologies, is not just a business but a testament to his passion for technology and customer service.

• 10 years of dedicated service in computer repair and sales.
• A trusted name for quality, reliability, and expertise.
• Offers a wide range of services from troubleshooting to state-of-the-art tech products.
• Committed to customer satisfaction and tailored solutions.
• A local hub for technology enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Charanjeet’s vision for Sparrow Technologies was always clear – to create a place where technology meets trust. Here, every customer leaves not just with a solution to their tech problems, but with the satisfaction of being treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Sparrow Technologies stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of computer repair and sales, thanks to Charanjeet’s unwavering dedication and expertise.